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Alvy: Do you know what a hostile gesture that is to me?

Annie: I know, because of our sexual problem, right?

Alvy: Everybody on line at The New Yorker has to know our rate of intercourse?

Annie: You know, you're so ego-centric that if I miss my therapy, you can only think of it in terms of how it affects you!
Alvy: What do you mean, our sexual problem? I mean, I'm comparatively normal for a guy raised in Brooklyn.

Annie: OK, I'm very sorry. My sexual problem, OK? My sexual problem. Huh? [A man in front of them in line turns back to look at them, and then turns away]

Alvy: I never read that. That was, that was Henry James, right? Novel, huh, the sequel to The Turn of the Screw, 'My Sexual Problem'?